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Books on Wiltshire, Somerset & Devon

ACCORDING TO THE BOOK – a publishing life

I began work on this book several years ago but, enjoying a quiet patch in early 2017, at last managed to complete it. It is basically a record of my publishing activities since I wrote and published my first effort back in 1979. Yes, it is autobiographical, but I hope it says something interesting and perhaps enlightening about the experience of a one-man-band publisher of mostly local interest books in a small provincial town.

New in 2016 – and 2017

Having in 2015 published Beyond Where Wiltshire Meets Somerset, this year demanded a reprint of my Where Wiltshire Meets Somerset originally published in 1982 and now in its seventh printing. In this newly revised edition I have replaced the sketches which illustrated previous editions with black and white photographs. The latest version has sold so steadily throughout 2016 that it seems I will have to reprint in 2017.

Yes, I did, and sales were remarkably bouyant throughout 2016 and into 2017, so much so that I had to reprint once again early this year. It’s true that this was a smaller quantity than I was accustomed to but this is a benefit of digital printing!

We also reprinted, for the fourth time, The Geology of Somerset, by Peter Hardy, and we maintained the same price of £9.95 that the book sold for when it was originally published back in 1998 – extraordinary!