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Under the imprint ELSP we publish books on subjects which are outside our usual sphere of interest which focuses on the West Country and the Channel Islands.

Alien Aloft
Unravelling identity in pursuit of peace

by Eric Jensen

In his memoir, Erik Jensen recalls his peripatetic early years, his personal mission to Sarawak and a long career with the United Nations. Always listening and learning, Jensen visited many of the world’s trouble spots in pursuit of peace. His story is richly observed and reflective yet is lightly told, with flashes of humour, and always completely absorbing.

ISBN 9781912020133
200 pages; £10.95

Under A Darkening Sky
A Memoir

by Janet Snowden

Set against the troubled backdrop of Nigerian, 1965 to 1966, Under a Darkening Sky is a compelling portrait of personal and political awakening.

ISBN 9781912020881
219 pages; £10.00

An (extraordinary) Life
From a childhod in Royton to tank warfare in North Africa and Italy

by Frank Ashworth

ISBN 9781912020751
143 pages; £10.95