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Book Production

In addition to our publishing activities, we undertake to produce books for individuals, societies and other small publishers. This service began some years ago when we were approached with manuscripts which we felt worthy of publication but which, for one reason or another (usually because the likely print-run was too small to make it commercially viable) we were reluctant to take on under our own imprint.

Why not Self-Publish?

There is absolutely no shame in self-publishing a book in which you have faith (even better if an independent third party offers encouragement). Yet it is the case that, whilst a particular book may command a definite market, that market may be too small to make publication a worthwhile proposition for a commercially-driven publisher.

We can help you Self-Publish

We only take on books which we feel have a real chance of earning their keep and, indeed, of showing a profit. Much of a publisher’s expenses is created by the effort put into promotion and distribution. If you have a captive market for your book and you are able to do the legwork yourself in a market which probably no one knows better than you, then self-publishing can be the way forward.
Look at the list of books below and decide for yourself whether or not your project may stand a chance of success. We would tell you if we thought your desire to get a particular title into print were misguided.

What our service offers

We can do everything for you (except write your book!) We prefer you to produce your manuscript digitally in simple word-processed format (any computer/word processing language will suffice), together with a printed-out copy. 

Perhaps your book is illustrated – most types of illustration reproduce well with modern printing technology. We establish the book’s format, typeface, layout and presentation of text and illustrations in consultation with you. We send you sample pages until we settle on what is required.
We then produce a first draft in as complete a state as possible to allow you to get a clear idea of the appearance of the finished book. At this stage you can make any amendments and corrections which may be necessary. Back to us for a second draft and then we’re ready for the printer.
We can allocate your book a free ISBN to ensure its listing in bibliographies world-wide and arrange printing at excellent rates. In addition, we can advise on marketing and distribution, copyright and all the other questions which may arise in the course of completing your project.

How much will it cost?
A great deal less than the price you’ll be quoted by vanity publishers – that is an absolute certainty! You will most likely be pleasantly surprised at what reasonable cost you can get your book into print. We will supply you a written quotation for the cost of printing and binding plus, of course, what we charge for our part in the process. It may be a possibility that you can get your book produced more cheaply elsewhere, though we will be surprised if you do.

Where do I go from here?
Give us a ring or drop us a line at the address/ telephone number below. There is absolutely no obligation on your part – we never charge ‘consultation fees’ or any such nonsense.

Get in touch with us. There is absolutely no obligation on your part – we never charge ‘consultation fees’ or any such nonsense.