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BOOKSHOP – If you wish to contact Ex Libris Bookshop in Bradford on Avon rather than Ex Libris Press, call 01225 863595 or email jim_exlibris@btinternet.com

MARY AND KATE HARDY by Anne Johns & Jenny Head

Published May 2022. To see a description of this book and to order copies please go to Ex Libris Press/ELSP at this website. 

ALIEN ALOFT by Erik Jensen

Should you be in search of this title please go to Ex Libris Press/ELSP for more details and to order copies.

Welcome to Ex Libris Books

Ex Libris Books publishes a range of titles under the imprints Ex Libris Press and Seaflower Books. We also offer a Book Production Service.

We published our first titles on South Devon in 1979-1980, since when we have produced more than two hundred books, many of which remain in print in updated editions.

Initially our books concentrated on aspects of the heritage and environment of South Devon, the West Country in general and more particularly the counties of Wiltshire and Somerset. Subjects range from town histories, walking guides, literary anthologies and county geologies to accounts of particular landscapes, like the Somerset Levels and the Marlborough Downs.

In 1988 we began to publish books of more general appeal under the heading Country Bookshelf and to explore various themes concerned with country life and lore. All titles in this series are currently out of print.

In 1992 we established the imprint Seaflower Books, under which we have published many books dedicated to the Nature, History and People of the Channel Islands. Our first title was Jersey Rambles, now in its ninth printing, some 19,000 copies are currently in print.



Any of the books featured on this website are obtainable via your local bookseller or may be ordered direct from us. We supply books within the UK and Channel Islands plus 25% for shipping. Because of ever-rising postal charges, we charge 50% extra for shipping within the European Union and 90% for shipping to customers in the rest of the world (the cost of postage to America, Australia and New Zealand generally exceeds the cost of the books!).